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Version 1.8 Mouse/Keyboard Failures in MS Office

Steven Rolandelli

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Steven Rolandelli

Just installed V. 1.8 on two machines:


Server: Windows 10

Client: Windows 8.1 Pro

Sharing Logitec K350 wireless kbd/mouse


Using: Office 365 ProPlus (v. 16.0.6741.2056) on client; specifically in Excel, though it may affect Word, PowerPoint, Access, etc.


Not initially, but not long into a session, both mouse drag-select and keyboard selection (ctrl/shift-down/up/etc) stop working. There is simply no way to select anything. Stopping, then starting Synergy on client corrects the issue temporarily, but soon the problem comes back. Restarting Excel doesn't seem to solve the issue, or at least not entirely.


It's disappointing, given that 1.8 is said to address drag-select issues in MS Office. But it seems I'm not the only person reporting lingering drag-select issues, so I don't think it's me or a bad keyboard/mouse. At the moment, on the client machine, mouse drag-select works but keyboard select doesn't. I haven't seen this on the server (though admitedly, I don't use Excel so much on that system.)


Hoping this can be investigated and resolved.


FYI: Prior to 1.8, mouse drag-select was unreliable; frequently stopping the selection process partway through the intended selection and sometimes attempting to copy (drop) the partial selection into cells other than the target. But now it stops working completely.

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