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Configure Server with multiple monitors to single client?

John Ferris

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I am wondering how I can have my multi montitored windows system be the Synergy Server, and get to a windows system with a single monitor. My setup is as follows. WinServer is the system with Synergy Server and it has 2 montors, WinServer1 and WinServer2. Note WinServer1 is the primary monitor. WinClient is the system with Synergy client runniing, and it is above the 2nd monitor of WinServer +++++++++++| WinClient ------------------------ WinServer1 | WinServer2 ------------------------ I need assistance in how to make it so the upper left corner of the 2nd WinServer monitor, will seemlessly go to the lower left corner of the Winclient. When moving the mouse from WinServer2 to WinClient and back, the mouse isn't consistent. Anyone have ideas on a solution?
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