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synergy and DAW Apps


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Synergy seems to interfere with DAW like applications (e.g. lmms, reaper, fruity), what I've noticed is when turning the knobs in the apps' UI is that the cursor becomes dislodged when normally it should remain fixed in that position (after a keyboard button is pressed), also it causes drag 'n drop functionality rendered useless within the app. Should anyone here experience the same problem I'll propose a temporary solution. 1. Bring up task-manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) 2. Click on the tab Processes and look for synergy like processes ("synergys.exe","synergyd.exe" ) 3. Right click and click "end task" this would have to be done each time you boot could also open notepad save as a .bat file with the following code [code] taskkill /f /IM "synergys.exe" taskkill /f /IM "synergyd.exe" [/code] need to run as Administrator though.
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