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Mouse move jump

joan soler

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I use FEDORA 24 computer as server, single screen of 1600*1200 pixel I use Windows 10 on a DELL lap top (FULL HD screen) and a SAMSUNG monitor QuadHD (U28E590). in horizontal configuration When i move mouse from SAMSUNG to native Laptop in the client computer mouse jumps normally, moves normally horizontal until aprox. 1/3 of the other screen, the jumps back to aprox 2/3 of previous screen, and then it moves normally from one screen to the other. The client windows computer is a DELL with Intel I7-4510U with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Adapter. When i used Synergy in the same computer but with a screen of 1920*1200 rather than the QuadHD SAMSUNG every thing was Ok.
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