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Cursor gets stuck when moving from server to client

Brody Robertson

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Brody Robertson
I'm using Win10 pro with dual monitors for server and arch linux (xfce manjaro) for client. As soon as I move the cursor on the server close to the side to move to the client, it freezes and gets stuck in the bottom right corner of the client. The cursor doesn't even move in the client, but when I click, I can see it responding in the bottom right corner. Not really sure where to go from here, I've tried editing host files, firewall configs, etc. but still no luck. I've even tested on an Arch VM and an Ubuntu VM and the same thing happens. Only thing I can think of is maybe teamviewer interfering on the server, but I'm not really sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Here's a pastebin of the server/client logs: http://pastebin.com/49dPmhvS Thanks Edit: Problem seems to be with windows resolution scaling being at 125%
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