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Jereme Guenther

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Jereme Guenther
I searched the forum quickly and did not see this brought up, not quite sure where to post it. For beta testers it would sure be handy if the install could be performed from the master machine. In other words, start the install on the client, let it finish, do the same on the master and have the two sync back up. Currently I run two win 10 x64 machines and every time I do an install I am required to plug in a mouse on the client because I need to manually kill the currently running synergy process, then go back and tell the install to continue. This headache has caused me to ignore beta releases many times in the past, it is not fun having to hook up additional hardware every time I feel like doing an upgrade, even if it is just a mouse. Ideally the install could kill its own process, however I would be happy with the install simply monitoring the running processes and auto continuing itself when I kill the service.
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