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Issue with Ventrilo push-to-talk while Synergy is running

William Joshua May

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William Joshua May
So, I use Synergy to share keyboard/mouse between my desktop machine and my laptop. Overall it works great, until I try to use Ventrilo when gaming. I have found that when Synergy is running on my desktop (Synergy server) my push-to-talk bindings do not always work in Ventrilo. I have noticed it mainly stops working when a game has focus. I have attempted running Ventrilo as Admin and also making sure Ventrilo is running before even starting Synergy, but neither resolved the issue. For now I'm just making sure to stop Synergy before playing any games I plan to use Ventrilo with, but long term I'd like to resolve this. Has anyone else run into this? I have a hunch Syngery is grabbing priority of mouse/keyboard input and stopping Ventrilo from seeing that my push-to-talk button is pressed. However, I'm not much of a programmer and don't know how to go about fixing the issue.
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