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Use relative mouse moves stops working in games.

Kenneth Bernier

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Kenneth Bernier
There is a known issue with Synergy and games with mouse movement where the mouse look in games is ultra sensitive. This can be fixed by using "Use Relative Mouse Moves" in the Configure Server options and by locking the cursor to the screen using hotkeys to toggle it on and off. I also have hotkeys for moving the cursor between 2 computers while keeping the cursor monitor lock on. The issue I have is this breaks (the mouse goes ultra sensitive again) and I have to restart Synergy server to get it fixed. This happens mainly when the computer is locked and the monitor went to sleep. I wake it back up 20 minutes later with the other computer still working and the mouse starts going ultra sensitive and have to restart Synergy. After that it works until next lock computer / monitor sleep. Have Windows 10 running Synergy server and Windows 7 running Synergy client. 1.7.6 Happens no matter which computer monitor locks/sleeps. The computers do not sleep, only the monitors. Restarting Synergy server by hitting the apply button fixes it each time. Only happens with mouse look in games. Like in an First Person Shooter you would barely move the mouse and spin around 100 times.
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