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Synergy workarounds

Warren E. Downs

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Warren E. Downs
I've been a Synergy user for years, and currently use it between a MacBook Pro and a Linux desktop. I've also recommended it for another employee at our company who also has two computers (both running Windows 10). Here are a few issues I've frequently noticed. On my systems: * Frequently (perhaps every couple hours), when I move my mouse back to the host system (Linux), it loses the ability to move back to the MacBook, until I Stop and then Start the background process (synergys) (from the tray app). Suggestion to developers: Automate this workaround (in addition to trying to fix the real issue) such that if the connection is lost, the host will stop and restart the background process for you. (Or at least, make it an option). * Occasionally (perhaps every few days), when the above problem happens, the background (synergys) task is frozen, only killable with "kill -9". Suggestion to developers: Have the stop operation check to see that synergys actually stopped in a timely manner, and if not, send it a "kill -9" signal. * Most of the copy/paste operations I use are simple, such as a URL. However, when I do copy larger amounts of text, frequently the copy doesn't work the first time. Sometimes I can work around copy problems by pasting to a "plain text" medium on the source computer (e.g. kwrite on Linux), copying again from there. And/or pasting to a "plain text" app such as Notes on the MacBook, then copying from there to the final target on the Mac. * On my co-worker's Windows 10 x 2 machines, it will commonly fail to connect until I restart the background Synergy service (simply restarting from the tray app will appear to do something according to the log, but will not work on some occasions). Suggestion to developers: Have the stop/start method stop and start the background service, at least if it it run multiple times in a short period (say, 1 minute), indicating the user is having issues...
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