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Occasionally becomes laggy (Mac OS X 10.9 to Mac OS X 10.11)

Dave Land

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Under conditions I have not been able to characterize (that is, "from time to time, randomly"), but nearly always after the machines in question and Synergy have been running for several days, control of the mouse on the "client" machine (the one under "remote control" from the "server" that is sharing its mouse and keyboard) becomes laggy, with periodic (every couple of seconds) loss of control for a moment or two. Also, on one or two occasions, typing on the server machine (using own keyboard) became unusably slow (on the order of only accepting a character every few seconds). Unfortunately, this has only happened once or twice, so I have no way of characterizing the conditions under which it happens. Again, it is almost certainly after the connection had been active for several days, possibly with one or both machines put to sleep overnight at least once. In both cases, quitting and restarting Synergy resolved the issue.
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