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User feedback-My experience (synwinhk.dll frequently locked)

Jared Thirsk

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Jared Thirsk
I got a survey email about how often Synergy stops working (I answered daily) so I thought I'd post a hit and run post here to share my experience (I don't have time to read the forum/wiki/etc.) [list=1] [*] I don't know if I have a weird setup or what, but I am constantly getting synergy to stop working due to sinwinhk.dll being locked. I would consider LockHunter a companion app to Synergy, as I have to fire it up a couple times a day or once a week. I have memorized C:\program files\synergy\sinwinhk.dll because i always have to type it into this app and nuke the file handles. I have read it is dangerous to nuke file handles because the applications using them may still try to use the file handle which then points at something else, but hey, yolo, and DLLs are used in a readonly way so hopefully no data corruption is happening. If this is going to be a problem I think synergy should have the nuke file handle functionality built-in, even if it is theoretically (but not really) dangerous.[/*:m] [*] Sometimes when moving the cursor to my other computer for the first time, it bounces back and forth 20 times a so per second. A slight annoyance.[/*:m] [*] Windows 10 logon (guest machine) - it often "disconnects" or loses the ability to control the logon screen temporarily. I have gotten used to it. A slight annoyance.[/*:m] [*] Is it still true that SSL doesn't work on Mac? That is kind of a dealbreaker for me using it with my Macbook because I don't trust Wifi encryption with my cleartext passwords. I often remember not to type passwords through unencrypted synergy but what if I forget? I don't want to compromise security or have to change my passwords every time I forget. And I could be wrong but I don't think I can have non-SSL Mac client when all my other computers use SSL.[/*:m][/list:o] If there are obvious fixes, and you are feeling kind, please respond or PM me, thx :) (I will subscribe to this thread.) Cheers for making this software. I wasn't happy to have to pay for it at first but I got over it and think it is well worth it and other free/open source software should consider doing the same so resources can be spent on improving it. Edited by Guest
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