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synergyd ate up 3+GB of RAM on Windows 10

Anqi Xu

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This is a brief post to report on a recent issue that I encountered. - running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, upgraded from Win 8 Pro, 6GB ram, Core i7 930 - installed Synergy in early 2016. forgot to note down version -- sorry. Since issue already upgraded to 1.7.6 build. - synergy setup to run server on Win10, client on MacMini running Ubuntu 14.04 x64. - for last few months, server had been running auto. on bootup, but client was off for a number of months - realized computer was thrashing very often; sluggish controls - rebooted Win10 (presumably not cold boot), and didn't help situation - Windows 10 task manager reports processes using ~700MB RAM, yet also reports total RAM ~5.5GB - downloaded some other mem tool to see more details, and found that there were pages upon pages of synergyd and synconf (i think?) process logs, each taking 4KB ram - went back to Win10 task manager, force-stopped only instance of synergyd, and immediately total RAM dropped to ~2.5GB - this was the only instance (encountered on 2016/06/24), before I upgraded to the latest build. So far so good, but haven't had chance to use Synergyd since. In retrospect, I encountered another issue a few times which might be related: - I set %TMP% to another partition for convenience (OS on limited SSD partition) - every week-month, %TMP% would end up taking +20GB - tons of folders with same contents: bunch of api-ms-... dlls, DismHost.exe, DismProv.dll, etc. each folder ~10MB, but there were a lot of them, all seeming to be duplicates.
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