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Control character issues when synergy is running

Seth Cohen

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Hello, I am using synergy for windows, version 1.80. I am having a couple of issues (which I have had since using previous versions of Synergy). In one program I use, SqlYOG, when I want to "cut" using Ctrl+X, it instead inserts the control character for "Cancel", ASCII character #24 (which is ^X in terminal notation). In other text-editing programs, Ctrl+X cuts properly. Also, Ctrl+C [i]does[/i] work properly, and does not insert the ASCII #3 ETX character (which is ^C in terminal notation). Speaking of the terminal, in another program I use, MobaXTerm, control characters seem to be ignored, so when I press Ctrl+X or Ctrl+C in the terminal, it just prints out a C or an X instead of closing or cancelling. When I use other terminal software (Putty, Windows Command Prompt, Powershell) I don't have this issue. This is [i]supremely[/i] annoying as sqlyog and mobaxterm are programs I use everyday, and Ctrl+X and Ctrl+C are commands I use quite often. Has anyone else had this issue? Any hope for a fix? Have I posted this in the right forum ? :D Thanks.
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