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Configuration issues

Wayne Gibson

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Wayne Gibson
Hi, I recently switched from MouseWithoutBorders to Synergy, as I had heard great things about it. At the moment, I hope I have some sort of configuration problem... Here is my setup: A) Windows 8 Desktop - acting as server B) Windows 8 Laptop - configured as client C) Windows 7 Laptop - configured as client All have the latest version of Synergy 1.7.6 Basic So problems that I'm having: 1) Can't seem to find a way to lock all my machines at the same time. 2) When I lock the screen on my desktop and the mouse is moved to one of the clients that isn't locked, I can't seem to find a way to get mouse to move back to the desktop 3) I thought it was possible to copy and paste files between clients, but can't seem to get this working. Any ideas or suggestions ?
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