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... filled out your Feature Survey. Good Idea. Well executed (the two questions per page). I was a little disappointed at the end to not beeing asked for further ideas or immanent feature requests (textbox). So I give you my major 2 request here: I'm running 3 Win10 PCs - the center is server - left and right are clients. left one runs allways right one is put in sleep mode every night center one is turned off every night 1) when turning on center usually the left & right are already started when the server is started and synergy is automatically started and connected I can move the mouse to left and right BUT I CANNOT klick I have to start interface and STOP and START on center (Server) after that mouse klick work as should. 2) because of 1 I would also like Synergy to be able to automatically Start in "Hidden Mode" (Taskbar -Notification area) This would also be convinient when working with Office and trying to snap windows to left/right border. it only works when synergy is stopped. at the moment I have to start Synergy client and "hide" it. It would be great to have an option/property to startup that way automatically. or is there a way I haven't seen/thought of. wbr harald
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