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Synergy, BetterTouchTool, VMWare Fusion, Middle Click

Simon Lockwood

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Simon Lockwood
Hi all I realise this might be a big ask, and I get how many places it could be breaking in this chain, but... Two macs running Yosemite and BTT. The server is just being a mac, the client is running a Windows 7 instance on VMWare Fusion 7. Both machines use BetterTouchTool to generate a middle click event based on a click from the centre area of the surface of the Magic Mouse. But: those middle clicks aren't carrying through the Synergy interface. I'm guessing it's as simple as Synergy is picking up the click event on the server in parallel with BTT, not after it, and injecting it in parallel with BTT, not before it, on the client. Totally understandable but has anyone got some sneaky Synergy ninja way of making these middle clicks go through?
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