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Support Windows 10 desktops as if they were clients

Tim Meadowcroft

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Tim Meadowcroft
As of Windows 10, Windows has finally got a virtual desktops implementation as standard (without PowerToys etc) but of course it's only half-baked and just about awkward enough to use (Win+Tab to bring up TaskView, then you can add new desktops and drag programs to other desktops; Win+Ctrl+left/right to switch desktops) that it's worth it, but a drudge in practice. [url]https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2015/04/16/virtual-desktops-in-windows-10-the-power-of-windowsmultiplied/[/url] But if synergy would let me arrange Windows desktops as if they were clients and swap the desktop, so I could swap desktops by moving the mouse as if to another client, then I could easily swap desktops as well as switch to other machines. To be clear, my current synergy screens setup is [ Windows 10 server machine ] [ Client ] and what I'd like to is to be able to setup [ Windows 10 desktop 1 ] [ Windows 10 desktop 2 ] [ Client ] and have synergy switch the desktops (and warp the mouse if it can!). Or I had to have the Windows desktops occupy a "row" and clients in the row above/below that would be fine... There are a few projects that show how to switch Windows 10 virtual desktops etc (see [url]https://github.com/Grabacr07/SylphyHorn[/url] for example, or this StackOverflow page mentions a few others [url]https://stackoverflow.com/questions/31801402/api-for-windows-10-virtual-desktops[/url]) Cheers Tim
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