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Language switching on client

Vasily Ulianov

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Vasily Ulianov
Hello, I’ve just bought and installed Synergy. I’m using Mac as server with Apple keyboard, and Windows PC as client. I’ve stuck with language switching, when I’m trying to switch language on Windows PC with Cmd + Space nothing happens. If I try to switch language on client with Alt + Shift when I type any character language is switched to previous. As I understood that server defines language for client machine, but how can I switch languages when my mouse on client machine? Return mouse to server, switch language and go back is not good solution.
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Andrey Orlov
Hello, Same problem :( I’m using Win7 as server and Win10 as client. And strange thing: in windows command line (cmd) all works fine (language normal switch in cmd window) when on server lang set to EN, but in other apps (like IE or Chrome) - only EN language. And when on server lang set to RU - all apps on client type in RU :( UPD: Exactly same issue: http://superuser.com/questions/547941/s ... -on-client
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Klochkov Kirill

Same here. I have win 7 on server and win xp on client.

I'm developer and some times i have to work on client.

Sometimes i want to write code with commens.

 // Режимы редактирования (AgroViewer)
 EM_NONE = 0; // по умолчанию
 EM_NO_FIELDCARD = 3;   // запрет просмотра карточки поля в абакусе
 EM_ROAD = 4;           // режиме редактирования дорог
 EM_POLYGON = 5;         // редактирование полигона

or place some messages for my users.

     Log('Полигоны полей загружены...');
//      StatusMessage(stDetails, 'Полигоны полей загружены.');
     FFieldLoaded := True;
   end; // STAGE_POLYGON
     Log('Треки загружены');
     StatusMessage(stDetails, 'Треки загружены.');

     FTrackLoaded := True;

И меня прям корёжит всего, прости господи. :evil:

try to count how much times I have to move my mouse

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