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Option to not hide the mouse pointer

Hugh Macdonald

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Hugh Macdonald
Hi, I've recently started using Synergy between 3 machines - an OSX laptop and both Windows and Linux workstations. The Synergy server is running on the Windows workstation. Between Windows and Linux, things are great, but, depending on what I want to do with it, I'll sometimes use Synergy to control the OSX laptop, and sometimes the built-in keyboard and trackpad. Because Synergy may be set to control the Windows or Linux workstations, I often find that my mouse pointer on OSX has disappeared, or will disappear while I'm using the laptop's own keyboard/trackpad. What would be great would be an option on clients and servers (if it doesn't already have it - maybe I'm missing something!) that causes the mouse pointer to remain on screen. Whether this option would be best placed in the client, or in the server's screen settings, I couldn't say, but I think that it would be configurable on a per-screen basis. Thanks
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