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Unable to connect PC as server and MAC as client.

Gordon Chandler

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Gordon Chandler
Hi there, I've had this software for a while and previously I had my macbook as the server and my PC as the client, which worked flawlessly. Now when I want to run it the other way around it's not working for me. I'm getting this error over and over: [2016-05-25T14:48:55] WARNING: unrecognised client name "Gordons-MacBook-Air.local", check server config [2016-05-25T14:48:55] NOTE: disconnecting client "Gordons-MacBook-Air.local" [2016-05-25T14:48:55] NOTE: client "Gordons-MacBook-Air.local" has disconnected I can assure you the IP is setup properly as well as the configuration of the server (dragging the computer icons around in the right order) Is there anything anyone can think of to help me with to resolve this? Thank you!
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