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Problems with sticking modifier keys, VirtuaWin, AutoHotKey

Peter Senft

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Peter Senft
Hi, since the update of 1.7.6. I have multiple problems on Windows 10 as Synergy server. Not sure if I should separate them or not, but I thought for starters, let's put them all in one post :). First, the sticking modifier keys. It happens now quite often, that the ALT, SHIFT, CTRL or ESC keys stick, when I move from one computer to the other. Mostly it is the ALT key. And usually that happens, after I switched virtual desktops in VirtuaWin using the combination ALT-CTRL-Cursor-Left/Right. The only way to resolve that problem is to restart the server. Currently it only happens on the server, which runs Windows 10. I have never seen it on the client, which runs Windows 8.1. And it doesn't matter if a client is connected or not. It happens in both cases. The second, actually more annoying, problem is the killing of my ALT-Mouse-Move. I use an AutoHotKey script to give me that functionality on Windows. I use the same AutoHotKey script on the server (Windows 10) and the client (Windows 8.1). But only the Server, and therefor on Windows 10, the script gets now disabled when the screensaver was active and I have to enter my password again. Usually I can just reload the script and all is fine, but that is not working. I have to restart the Synergy server, and I get immediately my ALT-Mouse-Move back. I don't even have to restart the script. It seems, that Synergy is somehow repressing or holding back events from the keyboard or mouse. This also happens whether a client is connected or not.
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