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Amazon Instant Video on Client - Mouse triggereing OSD


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Hi, we are using an 27" iMac in a room to watch Netflix/Amazon/Sky using a Webbrowser. My main PC is running OSX most of the time (Hackintosh) but the same happens when I boot into windows. My problem is only happening when we use Amazon instant Video: The mouse does not trigger the control elements inside the video window. When I take the bluetooth mouse from the iMac and move it, it instantly displays those controls. The problem exists not with other streaming providers, just Amazon, regardless of the used Browser (tested Safari, Chrome and Firefox). Both Mac's are runnning 10.11.5, when the synergy server is booted on windows it's running Windows 10 x64. It happens since sometime last year when Amazon changed their player (maybe from Flash to HTML5 or something like this). Any ideas or suggestions ? Best regards baetmaen PS: Both computers are running the latest Synergy version and all OS updates are installed.
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