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Cannot create debian package on BeagleBone Black

Bernard Schendstok

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Bernard Schendstok
Hi, I'm trying to get Synergy working on my BeagleBone Black (Debian Jessie armv7). I downloaded the source and installed all the dependencies as explained in the wiki, and that all seems to work fine, but the creation of the debian package doesn't seem to work. ( https://github.com/symless/synergy/wiki/Compiling ) So after: ./hm.sh conf -g1 ./hm.sh build All the binary files are in the bin folder, so that worked fine, but: ./hm.sh package deb doesn't seem to work: Mapping command: package -> dist Error: Could not get branch name, git error: 128 It only happens when i try to build from the downloaded tar file, if I clone the git repo the package is created perfectly fine. Can you help me creating the debian of v1.7.6 package for arm?
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