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ERROR: failed to init synwinhk.dll

rafael desquitado jr

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rafael desquitado jr
Two laptops, one with Win 8.1, the other with Win10. Was working OK when at the beginning then the server dropped and I kept getting these [2016-04-26T15:09:02] ERROR: failed to init synwinhk.dll, another program may be using it [2016-04-26T15:09:02] INFO: restarting your computer may solve this error [2016-04-26T15:09:02] FATAL: failed to start server: unable to open screen [2016-04-26T15:09:03] ERROR: failed to launch, error: process immediately stopped [2016-04-26T15:09:03] INFO: backing off, wait=10s, failures=18 Not sure what's going on. Start/stopping won't work.
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