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Tech support pricing for existing Pro user

James Robbins

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James Robbins
I'm posting this on the forum because I have not received a reply to an email sent to service@synergy-project.org on April 13. I paid $10 to Synergy on 10/28/13. On 5/5/15 I received an email stating the following: [quote]Hi James, You're now a Synergy Pro user, congratulations! Your Synergy account has been upgraded to the Pro edition. You now get SSL encryption and all future Pro-only features at no extra cost.[/quote] I want to open an issue with the current Synergy Pro release. On my account page I am prompted to upgrade for $19 in order to request support help. Before purchasing that upgrade I have the following questions: 1) The email I received on May 5 suggests that all future pro upgrades, including support, are included in my existing purchase. Is this correct? I understand if it's not since my original $10 payment granted me access to encryption and the ability to prioritize a limited number of bugs or feature requests. 2) If I purchase an upgrade the Pricing page (https://synergy-project.org/pricing) states that Pro is a one time payment for lifetime access. The support purchase page (https://synergy-project.org/purchase/support/) states that the upgrade is for 12 months of support. Which is correct?
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