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Windows 10, Games, and Synergy

Robin Watts

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Robin Watts
Hi all. I've been running synergy 1.7.6 happily on my Windows 10 PC for the past month or so, in the foreground as an app. In this time games etc have worked fine. I rebooted yesterday for Windows Update, and synergy started in the background as a service. From that point on, I got really strange results in games. For example: Elder Scrolls Online: The mouse worked fine in menus etc, but in the actual game, I ended up spinning on the spot. It was as if the mouse was failing to be centred again after each movement had been detected. Black Mesa: As for E.S.O. Batman: Arkham Knight: Mouse works fine. Keyboard works fine, except for W, A, S, D in the actual game. So I couldn't actually move. Kill off the Synergy process, and everything worked fine again. I'm happy to live with having to kill off the synergy process as a workaround, but it'd be much nicer if I didn't have to. I mention it here in the hopes that it might save others the hours of frustration that I endured trying to figure out what was wrong! Robin
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