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Issues with 1.7.4


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Hi. I've been using Synergy for a while with very few issues. Recently, my server computer died and I got a new one. After setting it up, and updating both the server and client to the newest version, the program is not running like I'm used to. The most notable changes are: -Spacebar does not work when trying to close out of a dialog box. Normally, a message would pop up and I'd hit space bar to click OK and it would close out. Now when I hit space bar, the dotted line around OK will blink, but not close out. -"Click Lock" isn't working anymore. What I mean by this is, if I click-and-hold the mouse on the client computer, and I'm either dragging a file or scrolling down a window, it wouldn't accidentally go back to the server computer if I got to close to the edge (my server is on the right, client on the left, so a scroll bar is right at the cross-over site). This makes scrolling through a page very difficult. -Windows key doesn't work half the time I don't see any way to tweak any of the settings on Synergy. Is there any help anyone can offer? Thanks! Running Synergy 1.7.4 on two Win7 Pro 32bit systems
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