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New 4K monitors confuse Synergy

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Scott Bilas
I had been using the 1.6 series of Synergy with no problems between my PC as a server and my Mac laptop. PC has three 1920x1200 monitors (two horizontal stacked, one vertical to the left of them), and the Mac is setup to be the right of the PC. When I upgraded the stacked monitors to 4K's (3840x2160) Synergy no longer works, even on the current 1.7.1. If I move my mouse part way across the lower right monitor, the log shows it as leaving my Windows computer's screens and going to the Mac. Yet now the pointer is permanently gone. Alt-tabbing from the PC shows that the Mac is indeed focused, but I can't find the mouse. Have to quit Synergy to get it back. Is this a bug in Synergy or something I need to configure in it? Possibly relevant: I have my 4K monitors set to 4/6 on the scale in the Control Panel's "Change the size of all items" DPI setting and the "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" is unchecked. PC: Windows 8.1 x64, Mac: 10.10.3.
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