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keyboard problem while using synergy

Jorge Alberto Valdivia Gav

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Jorge Alberto Valdivia Gav
Hello everyone, My name is Jorge and I'm from Santiago - Chile. I have a question. As I said before, Im from Chile, so I speak and write in spanish. The thing is that here we use words like 'comunicación' so if you see, on top of the 'o' letter, theres a written accent. The thing is that while I use synergy with my pc (server) and mac (client), my keyboard does not perform the same as if im using only my PC. What I mean by this is that when I'm writing and I want to make the written accent, I can't type fast because if I do so, the keyboard dont put the written accent. So, for example, If I type 'comunicación', at the end of the word (in -ión) I do it in this order: i+´+o, the thing is that if I type both 'i' and the written accent at the same time, and then the 'o', it doesn't recognize the written accent, as it should do normally. So, if i am with synergy open, I only can type the written accent if I write slow and separately i+´+o which kinds of bother me a little, because I'm writing my thesis right now, and that's why I bought this program. So, I think I was kind of clear with the problem.. I just wanted to know if anybody got a solution for this? Or should I try mailing synergy people? Thank you guys, If you got to read the complete thing I really appreciate it. Greetings from Chile, I'd be really grateful if someone could help!
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