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Send Hotkey Option Not Working.

Jonathan Scruggs

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Jonathan Scruggs
Hi, Currently I have 1.7.4 on both the Linux server and Windows client. I have it set so that I need to press a key combination to switch computer inputs, so I can play games on Windows without the cursor moving to the other computer. I have one monitor, so I need to switch inputs manually. I wrote a small program that connects to the monitor via dbus to switch the inputs using software -- this works. However, when I press the key combination to switch inputs to the other computer, I would like it to send out a hotkey that the system can use to activate the program to switch monitors. When creating the key combination, there is a list where you can enter multiple actions for one key press. I add in the switch computer action and then I add the send hotkey action. When I do this the synergy no longer switches inputs and it also does not send the hotkey to the system, so I can't use that hotkey to activate the program to switch monitor inputs. I even have it set to send the hotkey explicitly to the Linux system. What is the correct way to have synergy switch inputs and send a hotkey combination to the system. This is the relevant section of the config file: [code] section: options relativeMouseMoves = true screenSaverSync = true win32KeepForeground = false switchCorners = none switchCornerSize = 0 keystroke(Control+Alt+9) = switchToScreen(beast) keystroke(Control+Alt+9) = keystroke(Control+Alt+1,beast) keystroke(Control+Alt+8) = switchToScreen(Dingbat) keystroke(Control+Alt+8) = keystroke(Control+Alt+2,beast) end [/code] Thanks.
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