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[Q]Upgrade Procedure

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Justin Kroll
I'm just wondering if I'm missing something in the upgrade procedure. It seems every time I upgrade, I have to [list] [*]reactivate both client and server [/*:m] [*]can not use the new server version with the old client, I get various errors (process ended immediately, host disconnected, etc.)[/*:m] [*]have to hook up a keyboard and mouse in order to upgrade the client [/*:m] [*]accept a new ssl key (I think) on the client [/*:m] [*]then both exit the server GUI and restart the service[/*:m] [*]then open the GUI back up and "start" it[/*:m][/list:u] Sorry for the rambling, but it's very annoying and makes me not want to upgrade :x . Is this how it works for everyone or am I doing something wrong? Thanks...
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