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Synergy 3 - regular freezing/crashes when using graphics heavy apps, eg 3d/video

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Hi, I updated to Synergy 3 recently in the hope that it would mitigate the issues I've been having with my pc freezing and crashing when using graphics heavy apps like Cinema4D, Vegas Pro, After Effects. It hasn't helped. I haven't experienced any problems in other apps (even static graphics apps like Photoshop) and the freezing only happens on the machine that's running the Synergy Client. While it's frozen, I can carry on working using a wired mouse and keyboard connected to the host machine, but all that allows me to do is save my work, because 3 out of 5 times the system crashes soon after. The only way to restore Synergy functionality appears to be a reboot. I was experiencing this to some extent with Synergy v1 but it seems to have significantly increased since installing v3 (or perhaps I'm more aware of it?). I appreciate that Synergy is just one component in a system that's pushed quite hard, but I am posting in the hope that someone else may have come across similar issues and resolved or worked around them. It's got to the point where I will have to remove Synergy as the hangs/crashes are intolerable (I'm a videographer by profession). Just to stress, I am not holding Synergy responsible for my woes - just looking for some suggestions.

Some things to consider:

  • Windows 10 - latest build as of 22 October 2023, i9 10900 @ 3.7GHz, 64GB RAM (approx 3 years old)
  • 2 x RTX 2070 Super GPUs
  • Client machine is dual monitor - one ultrawide 34" at 1440p and one 27" at 1080p.
  • Server is an i7 laptop - no issues experienced on this machine, but I only use it for email, spreadsheets, browsing etc - no heavy duty work.
  • Latest nividia driver as of same date. 537.58 (Studio version)
  • Logitech MX Master wireless mouse on server
  • Wired keyboard on server

Thanks for any advice. 



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