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Extra Mouse Buttons in Synergy 3


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Hi all,

There never seems to be any actual answers to this without a ridiculously overcomplicated dump of log inputs or other stuff, and it seems like this should be something that has been asked enough to be simple to solve.

What is required to be put in the config file to take advantage of the extra mouse buttons on the client machines? They work fine on the server machine, but not on the clients.

My setup:

Server - MacBookPro1-codename

Client 1 - MacBookPro2-codename

Client 2 - MacMini-codename

Mouse - Razer Basilisk

Reading through other websites and posts I was hoping something like:

section: options
	...previous config
	mousebutton(6) = keystroke(WWWForward)
	mousebutton(7) = keystroke(WWWBack)

would work when put on all the configs, but nope. I think that is more to do with Windows machines though?

So I tried:

	mousebutton(6) = keystroke(Meta+Left,My-MacBook-Pro-2.local)
	mousebutton(7) = keystroke(Meta+Right,My-MacBook-Pro-2.local)

But still nothing.

Please tell me someone else managed to get this working with their Mac OS machines and can tell me what they put in their config?

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