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Key/Mouse works from one machine but not the other

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I have 3 machines.


I can use the M&K from OfficePC and DNSPC and it travels ALL 3 Machines just fine. But when I make JoePC the Server (use it's K&M) then I can get the mouse to leave the screens and enter the other 2 machines.  Weird thing is this was working just fine 2 days ago and I didn't change a single thing or install any Windows updates (that I know of).

So basically, the K&M work from 2 of the 3 machines but not from 1 of them.

By the way, I can see the layout of all 3 just fine from each machine. If I make a change like the Computer Name - it shows up on the other 2 right away.  So they are talking/connected.... I don't get it..

Any suggestions?



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