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Synergy 3 RC1 keeps disconnecting Ubuntu client

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assistant is the name of the Ubuntu client.

synergy-core [2023-07-10T11:46:32] - NOTE - accepted client connection
synergy-core [2023-07-10T11:46:32] - INFO - Local languages: en
synergy-core [2023-07-10T11:46:32] - WARNING - unrecognised client name "assistant", check server config
synergy-core [2023-07-10T11:46:32] - NOTE - disconnecting client "assistant"
synergy-core [2023-07-10T11:46:32] - NOTE - client "assistant" has disconnected

There is no way to add this name to config file or screen layout.
This computer assistant

1. doesn't show up under "Manage Computers" automatically

2. Manually cannot be added.

3. Config file has long numbers for computer name, so don't know how to  modify the file.

How can I add this Ubuntu client?

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