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Mac gestures on second macbook pro


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  • 3 months later...

OK, just purchased and installed Synergy 3 for first time, works fine between my iMac and Mac Mini M2, but......no gestures on the Mac Mini (second Mac).  And no-one on this forum, or no-one knows the answer?

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Yes this is disappointing, even the two finger scroll feels kinda clunky, I am currently unable to use my main machine with a keyboard.

2 USB C ports so one for a monitor and one is the power apple you are so awful. So I am having to use symlink just to be able to operate my mac with a separate monitor and with it on a laptop stand.. anyway enough moaning about apple, let's moan about synergy! 😆

this doesn't appear to have ever been supported, perhaps it is super difficult, if this is the case can someone from Synergy reply here to let us know what the deal is here please?

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Charles Silverman

It's disappointing to see that gestures are missing, along with not being able to use the keyboard/trackpad two-finger vertical scoll shortcut to zoom the second mac display in and out.

I don't need a refund but like others, I'd like to know what the problems are, and more so, if it's worth staying hopeful that there's be a solution.

Thanks for any clarity you can offer.


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  • Synergy Team

Gesture support is on the roadmap for a future update of Synergy:


For the time being, gestures are not supported on secondary/client computers and the macOS gestures will only work on the primary/server computer (the computer with the mouse/trackpad physically connected).

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