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Synergy 3 beta service installation

Kris Dekeyser

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Kris Dekeyser

There is no forum channel for Synergy beta 3 yet, so sorry for posting this here.

I installed Synergy 3 beta on two machines, each running xubuntu 22.04. I enabled 'Allow Synergy to control this computer on the login screen' on both of them. Unfortunately, this does does not work. Even after logging in, there is no synergy process running until I launch the config GUI.

It is annoying as I now have to switch keyboard and mouse between PCs at least once every day to login and start Synergy on each machine manually.

I guess that the installation scripts will be fixed in a future beta release, but can you supply instructions on how we can manually install the Synergy 3 beta server as a autostarting systemd service on (x/k/...)ubuntu 22.04 for now? Or at least what command and parameters should be running? I can figure out how to configure it as a systemd service myself.

BTW, the second PC is dual-booting between linux and Windows and the background service was installed just fine on Windows. I was a bit disappointed at first that each OS appears as a separate client and there seems to be no way to indicate that they are mutually exclusive. But the client configuration PC1-PC2win-PC2linux works like a charm. When a client is not active it is simply skipped and so it really behaves like PC1-PC2win or PC1-PC2linux depending on which OS I booted in. I love that. Well done!

Keyboard layout support has also improved. I'm using "English International (intl., with AltGr dead keys)" on Linux and "US International" on Windows. On both Synergy 1 and 2 many keys are not working across platforms, but with this version almost all keys behave as they should. The only exceptions are the ' and " keys. ' can be typed with right-alt + ', but I have not found a way to type the " character on Windows when using the keyboard & mouse from the Linux PC. That is quite annoying, TBH. I hope you will be able to fix that soon.

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