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Feature Request - Local Network Only, Ability to Disable Auto Discovery, Disable Logging Completely

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Local Network Only - 

  • My machines have multiple interfaces, virtual nics, vpns, ect...¬† ¬†
  • It would be nice to be able to specify a specific subnet so auto discovery isn't pinging every single subnet / interface it sees

Toggle to Disable Auto Discovery

  • Similar to above, I don't want it constantly searching various subnets / interfaces
  • I have all the machines I want setup, I don't need the app looking for more machines all the time

Log Level - Disable

  • I don't want logs on my work machine. I don't need corporate¬†spies seeing what my keyboard, mouse, clipboard are doing if they stumble across the logs
  • Just a waste of diskspace, processes, and disk usage (even it it's just a tiny amount that's not human detectable)
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I'm in similar situation. Have three machines (Linux, Linux, Windows) two with 2 NICs one with 4 NICs and with Auto Discover turned off still see Synery3 log windows showing attempts from some of the bridged NICs, VLAN NICs from VMWare and Docker. 

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