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Synergy Beta 3 - Can't move back to server PC after moving to client

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I'm running Synergy Beta 3 (most recent release as of this writing).

Things worked fine at first - no issues first couple/few days... 

Now, when I move to the client PC, and then attempt to move back to the server, I am unable to return to the server.

I can see that comms are still established between server and client by looking at the logs - and by making config changes via the UI, which I see reflected on the other server/client UI in real time.

I'm able to force focus/input-control back to the server by changing the config in a way that requires a service restart (e.g. drag the positioning of one of the devices a little), but this only gets me one round trip - once I move back to the client again, I'm stuck again.

Any ideas on how to resolve this? I never had this issue with Synergy 2.


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I also have the exact same issue even after upgrading to v3.0.69.17. I'm switching between a Mac (Ventura 13.4) and a PC with Windows 11. The only thing which resolved it so far is to use the Reset option for all computers in the Advanced->Local Settings. That seems to have fixed it for now.

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I am having the same issue.... I turned on hotkey to return to server PC.. that's the only way I ca nget back.

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