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Connection & clipboard status indicators


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I'm using Synergy3 beta on a daily basis - and occassionally connection is dropped (every 3-4 days), and without looking at the log files, there appears to be no actual indicator that the connection has been dropped. The screens/machines that haven't connected yet are greyed out, but the ones that have been connected, but are not communicating with each other are still showing on the screen layout without any indication of connection issues...

Same happens with clipboard functionality every now and then - perhaps once every day or 2 - restarting the service on the host & clients seem to fix this issue... Maybe a solution would be some kind of an active monitor/watchdog for 1. connectivity, 2. clipboard syncing... ?

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in my setup, links are really stable between PCs, I can always control all PCs immediately after boot up or wake up.
However, the clipboard breaks frequently, it's can be fixed by simply restarting the service, but still very annoying. This has been a problem since RC1.

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