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Multi-Monitor Weirdness

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I've been having some strange issues with Synergy and my setup for some time now, after it got me in trouble with work I thought I should see if anyone has any ideas...

Firstly, my setup.
I have 3 monitors. Orientation is: Mon3 Mon2 Mon1
Mon3 is connected to my Laptop via USB-C.
Mon2 is connected to my Laptop via USB-C, Mon2 is connected to my Desktop via DisplayPort.
Mon1 is connected to my Desktop via DisplayPort.
(I switch Mon2 quite often throughout the day as I work/play)
Server is the Desktop.

My first Issue...
When the laptop is locked, I move my mouse over to click to unlock and the password prompt comes up. There is about a 30second delay before the mouse will go back over to that screen before I can enter my password. After the password is entered, there is another 30sec delay before I can go back to the screen to work. This happens if I have it on just Mon1, or Mon1/Mon2.

Second Issue
When switching Mon2 sometimes (maybe once a day) I cannot get to the laptop at all. In almost all cases it's when I switch Mon2 from Laptop to Desktop. To resolve I can usually switch Mon2 back to Laptop, wait a few min and switch Mon2 to Desktop again. Sometimes I have to restart Synergy on the desktop and laptop both. Rare occasion I have to reboot one or both machines.

Third Issue
Similar to the 2nd issue, but rarely (maybe twice a month) Synergy will just stop working without switching screens. It happened a few minutes again. I was in the middle of a Zoom meeting on Mon3 (Mon2 was on Desktop). I went to open a file on the desktop so I could read from it, and then the mouse wouldn't go back to the Laptop. I had to restart Synergy on both machines to get it working again. Of course it happened in the middle of a major stakeholder meeting

Any thoughts/suggestions of what's going on and how to resolve?

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