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MacOS Keyboard Input not working

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As the title states the

server is M1 MacOS -> 22C65 (Version 13.1) - synergy version - 1.14.6-snapshot-88fdd263

the client is intel based chipset version Ventura 13.2.1 - synergy version - 1.14.5-stable-a975f61a

TLS is enabled and all other settings are default.

Lastly this was working fine before the update of the client last week, and no other changes were made.

The problem in the log is below:

OSX Notification: The client keyboards may stop working.|'Secure input' enabled by loginwindow. Close loginwindow to continue using keyboards on the clients.

I have followed the guidance here, but it's not working. I've run the command on both hosts with zero luck.

Please advise on next steps. 

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Older post I realize, but posting an answer anyway as I experienced this same error message recently.  For me, the issue was with a Chrome window prompt pending a confirmation. Once I closed that window my keyboard worked again as usual.

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