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keyin typo bug of Synergy

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I am using the syngery V1.14.5 in my notebook computer.
It could work with the other Linux PC.
But I will get key typo bug sometime. 
I press "93" by keyboard in my notbook computer,
but it will repeat some word to output "933".
It often appear this bug when I keyin my password in Chrome browser or text editor.

Could you treace and fix this bug of Synergy?

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  • Synergy Team
Daniel Evenson

I have come across this bug before, but it tends to be when there are mismatching version of Synergy between computers. Would you mind checking if the same version of Synergy is installed on all computers?

Also, you may wish to try Synergy 3 Beta, which is accessible on our download page.

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I had been double checked the version of Synergy in all computers, and they are all same version.
I see the new Synergy 3 Beta release in download page now, and I will try it, and feedback to you.

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