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How to disable some mappings?

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I have a problem where my mouse horizontal scroll wheel is somehow mapped on the client to the browser (Chrome) back and forward shortcuts.  This causes a lot of frustration where I inadvertently lose my progress while working.  The server is Ubuntu and client Mac OS, and I think this started when I upgraded the Mac to a more recent version but this was some time ago now.

I found out somewhere that if Shift is held while using the vertical scroll, it will translate to actual horizontal scroll on the client.  According to xev, the horizontal scroll on my Ubuntu desktop is mapped to buttons 6 & 7, so I tried setting up this mapping, but it doesn't seem to work:

    mousebutton(6) = keyDown(Shift),mousebutton(4),keyUp(Shift)
    mousebutton(7) = keyDown(Shift),mousebutton(5),keyUp(Shift)

So is there any way to just disable this mapping completely to prevent the loss of work on my client computer?

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