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Output audio of additional computers through NDI, integration in Synergy - Please vote!


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We need an application that could take the audio output of a Windows computer through NDI and play that audio in real time in through the primary computer's audio interface. This way when paired with Synergy we could use 1 computer as a "server" having all the hardware; mouse, keyboard, screens and headphones/speakers. That 1 computer could receive the audio by NDI of every additional computers in the studio.

Just like Synergy brings an alternative for an hardware KVM switch it would be awesome to have an alternative for hardware mixers. I'm currently using a Behringer XR18 for that purpose and it's sitting in the rack doing 10% of what it could do. Now I need to decommission it for other projects thus finding a replacement.

I've tried Voicemeeter but it's meant to replace Windows' mixer which isn't the goal here and it's also worth mentioning that it wasn't a great user experience at all which led to keep my hardware mixer. OBS is something I work with everyday with NDI as well but again, not ideal here.

Current hardware workaround without a mixer

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I found these while doing my research and couldn't trust them for my work production environment. I found Dante Via and Dante Virtual Soundcard which seemed more like a commercial product but it's really unstable if your PC is doing CPU heavy tasks.

My conclusion is that audio over network isn't there yet for live production environments.

I end up buying the Creative Sound Blaster Z SE Internal PCI-e Gaming Sound Card since it have Toslink input and output which gives me the possibility to achieve the hardware workaround linked in my original post. This way I was able to replace my huge mixer by a smaller audio interface.

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