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Synergy Hotkey + Event Ghost?

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I'm afraid this is going to be one of those unusual problems.

Long time user of Synergy 1 Pro. I've been using it to control a rather "locked down" work laptop, and it's made my life infinitely easier. In all honesty, I was surprised it could connect with the latest work laptop, but it did. Many other apps simply aren't allowed, which brings me to my unusual problem.

I'm using Event Ghost to trigger various macros from the host computer. It's capable of simulating key presses, so I'm trying to use some advanced features of Synergy as a workaround. Think of it this way: Event Ghost can be used on my host PC to simulate the key presses to mute my host PC. It can't directly mute the work laptop (App won't work on it), but since a command in EventGhost can make the host PC simulate key presses, it could press hotkeys which trigger a hot key set up in Synergy.

I set up a hotkey combination of Shift+Control+@ to have Synergy initiate the hotkeys "Alt+AudioMute" on the work laptop. I've tested the shortcut manually and it works. Any time I press Shift+Control+@, the work laptop mutes. I set up a "Send Keystrokes" macro in EventGhost to press the same keys and it simply...doesn't work.

Is there some program interaction I'm missing here? Apologies in that I realize the problem could be something with EventGhost, but if I ask this question in an EventGhost forum, I'm likely to be told it's a Synergy issue. I'm stuck in a "chicken or egg" scenario, so I had to pick one to ask.

Anyone tried such an unusual setup other than me?

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