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Regression - Can't lock cursor to current computer

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Since I've lost the ability to lock my cursor to current computer using scroll-lock.

Sadly, I can't add a hotkey for this feature contrary to what is in the release notes.

Although I choose the Lock cursor to the current computer action it still requires that I define to which single computer it will lock to as if it should be named Lock cursor to a specific computer. Sadly despite defining separate hotkeys for all my computers each hotkey locks my mouse to my the same computer. It's always my first client, left topmost, and alphabetically first one.


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First, if you haven't, they did request that bugs be reported via support ticket. https://symless.com/synergy/contact-support?topic=Synergy+3+Alpha

Second, I reported this bug (or at least related) to them on 10/14 and have yet to hear anything. Further, v3.0.63.0 has now come out and the bug is still present.

Finally, at least in my case, position and name do not seem to be relevant. I only have two machines. It'll never lock the mouse to the host computer, and will lock it to the client. It doesn't matter which is the host. 

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