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Per-computer mouse speed

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It would be nice to be able to set mouse speed per computer.

I have a three-computer setup at my work, 1 mac and 2 PCs. The mouse moves noticeably faster on the mac,  and I could use an option to set mouse speeds per-computer, i.e. setting a speed relative to the main computer.

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I'm also looking forward to see this request in action. I wanted to create a new thread, but found this one.

Situation is a bit different. I'm using Synergy 3 RC that was published today. Both PCs run Win10, but DPI (PPI) is different for a desktop PC and the notebook. Notebook's screen is twice as small as the desktop monitor with relatively the same resolution, even a bit higher.
Sending the cursor to a notebook has 0.5x speed compared to desktop PC, that makes it hard to interact with.

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Looking forward to this as well. Speed of mouse is slow on pc compare to my host (mac). The resolution is different and changing the mouse cursor speed on pc client doesn't effect anything.

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