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any way to pause Synergy? losing mouse during VNC session


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I have a Windows computer (running as server) and a Mac (running as client), when I VNC into my Windows computer, I can lose the mouse (and all keyboard input) to the Mac. I literally can't do anything else with my Windows computer, and my only remedy is to then VNC into the Mac to send the mouse back to the Windows computer. Is there a way to automatically pause Synergy during a VNC session? Or with a hotkey or something? This is extremely frustrating, especially since my Windows desktop is much bigger than the laptop I'm using for VNC, so I necessarily have to move the mouse around to the left edge in order to just see the left edge of my screens.

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  • Synergy Team
Daniel Evenson

Hi 👋 

Not sure why input is being lost after establishing the VNC session, perhaps the VNC is not releasing the mouse/keyboard?

A workaround for you issue might be to create a hotkey to restart the server, you can find it under Configure server>Hotkeys. Then assign a hotkey under Actions select restart server.

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