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Is Win+L to lock a Windows client supported?


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Hi. My Ubuntu server sends the Windows key to the Windows client for most combinations. The server will correctly lock with Win+L. However, moving the mouse to the client and pressing Win+L does nothing. I can hardly find any mention of this problem here or with Google, and it's not in the Help section of the website. I see people requesting related things like the ability to lock both at once (single keypress) or general key mapping/macro requests.

If I make Windows the server and Linux the client then lock screen not only works, but locks both simultaneously - this is great! However, this is not the setup I want due to other inconveniences.

This is a pretty major annoyance since I'm required to lock my screen many times per day. I have to keep reaching for my second keyboard, defeating the point of using Synergy. Is it possible to fix this currently or not?

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